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Scavenger Hunt Africa 2020

VESA has established a program in association with the local Prince Induna, which identifies families in dire need of help, so we can build houses for them as part of the project.

We are building a home for Derek, his wife, and six children. During this week Derek approached us and stated that he has not been able to feed his children, and that this brings his entire family to tears. Matt and Cass organized a scavenger hunt for the volunteers with a 50R entry fee. They raised a total of 2750R which was used to purchase bulk food items from Mtubatuba. The volunteers were very passionate in this group and it was amazing to see so many of them participate in this additional activity to support the family.

  • 2 heads of cabbage
  • 7kg of butternut squash
  • 10kg of onions
  • 10kg of potatoes
  • 700G of beef potjiekos
  • 6X2Kg of Chicken
  • 3 loaves of bread
  • 10kg of rice
  • 10kg of Samp
  • 25kg of Pap
  • 12X 400G of tinned fish
  • 12x 410 G of baked beans
  • 5 kg of sugar beans
  • 5L of cooking oil
  • stock cubes for beef, soup mix, and curry spice
  • one can of apricot jam
  • 1kg of peanut butter
  • high energy cereal
  • 5kg of brown sugar
  • 1kg of butter
  • Juice
  • tea bags
  • steel wool cleaners, washing soap,
  • a set of pots and pans

An additional thank you goes to Zine for her help with the shopping. The family was thankful beyond what words can tell.

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