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About VESA

VESA’s humanitarian and conservation projects aim to provide direct action support to communities in parts of the world overlooked by traditional charities and aid organisations.

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From the minute you book your trip we provide you with everything you need to know, so you get the most out of your VESA experience. 

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Reasons to Volunteer

10 Reasons to Volunteer with VESA

Our responsible approach to travel lets you explore the world and actively change it.

Volunteering is about giving back, and making your mark on the big picture. With an enthusiastic and likeminded team by your side, you’ll get the chance to make real change at a grass roots level while immersing yourself in an exotic culture, discovering a new country and experiencing the freedom of travel.

Change starts with you. With your help we can lay the foundations for durable change and opportunity in the communities we work with. This is your chance to have a lasting impact and give real, first hand help.

Our programs are run entirely through the host communities: from sourcing construction materials to buying the ingredients for our meals, everything is as local and sustainable as it gets. You will learn about the history, culture and language of your chosen destination, as well as understand how each of our projects directly affects each community. Responsible travel comes down to these three points, and we ask that you keep these in mind throughout your trip: How will it be beneficial to the local community? Is the local culture being respected? What problem will the finished project solve?

With VESA you can pick your destination and volunteer project based on what inspires you the most. We want you to feel motivated and driven, whether it’s through animal conservation, construction or education. Our projects mean the world to us, and we want you to feel as passionate about them as we do!

It’s true that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We come from extremely privileged countries in terms of both opportunities and amenities, and we often forget the hardships others endure every day. A VESA project lets you dive head first into a new perspective on the world. You’ll be amazed by how much you learn, we guarantee it.

Shared travel experiences connect people on a deep level, so you can be sure that the friends you make on project will be friends for life. You’ll come away with lots of new besties who share the same passions and interests as you, from all different countries around the world.

Releasing baby turtles into the wild, teaching English in underprivileged primary schools, laying foundations and building houses, preparing lunch for up to 100 children, cleaning crocodile enclosures, refurbishing classrooms, making enrichment toys for elephants – this is real-world experience. You’ll bring home skills you never knew existed, and confidence you never knew you had!

Volunteering abroad is eye opening and challenging. You’ll learn to problem-solve, work with a team, be resourceful and adapt to life in an unfamiliar environment. These are skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life, no matter what field of work you choose.

As a general rule, recruiters look out for prospective employees with community involvement on their resume. Volunteer work, especially volunteering abroad, helps to create a positive impression and proves to employers that you are well-travelled, hardworking, passionate and have a diverse range of key skills.

Volunteer work can be demanding, but it’s also a whole lot of fun shared with new friends. As well as your volunteer projects, we give you time to explore independently and discover the magic of travel for yourself. Think trekking in the Amazon, island hopping through the Fiji tropics, exploring ancient caves and temples in Laos or experiencing Africa on safari – you and your VESA team will share these epic moments for life.