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VESA’s humanitarian and conservation projects aim to provide direct action support to communities in parts of the world overlooked by traditional charities and aid organisations.

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From the minute you book your trip we provide you with everything you need to know, so you get the most out of your VESA experience. 

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Katie Ruby

Amazonas Explored – Volunteer Video


This is my volunteer trip to Ecuador in which I took part in the Amazonas Explored and Road Less Travelled programme. The trip lasted 28 days and in that time we visited schools, built bathrooms, trekked the amazon, climbed Cotopaxi, went whale watching – the list goes on and on!”

Katie Ruby

Mallory Isenor – Durham

“So fun! Would love to do it again!”

Jessica Lockyer – Carleton

“Thanks so much for providing me with this amazing opportunity! Most fun I have ever had! Best I have ever felt!”

Alexandra Arditi – McGill University

“The trip was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a perfect combination between volunteering and getting to see the country of Ecuador with knowledgeable guides. The leaders were amazing and made us feel comfortable. They knew what there were doing and were also a welcome part of our group. I’m so happy I had this experience and got the chance to meet so many amazing people. I will definitely do another VESA tour.”

Jessica Stewart – Algonquin College

“I had an amazing time and it was an awesome experience. I would definitely do it again! Shona and Jake were great leaders, full of energy, friendly and knowledgeable of the areas we were visiting and staying at. The family was great. I thought the area was amazing and cozy. I loved staying in Misahualli!”

Tara McKay – University of Guelph

“Definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life. I would never have thought I could do so many neat things within two weeks. This is definitely something to experience. I liked the variety of activities. I also loved every single staff member. Ecuador definitely felt like home. I am going to recommend this program to people at home!”

Meg Labron – Trent University

“The jungle trek was incredible! I had such a fantastic time and all the staff where incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I loved how laid back the structure of VESA is and how staff members like Shona and Jake would come out and have fun with us. Though our schedule was action packed we always had time to do our own thing as well. I love Ecuador; thank you so much Shona and Jake!”

Toni Lucas – Trent University

“My experience with VESA in Ecuador has been amazing and life changing. The volunteer work was incredible, a lot of hard work but fulfilling to see your finished project knowing that you helped a family that really needed it… I will never forget my time here in Ecuador with VESA and wouldn’t think twice about participating in the program in the future. Thank you to VESA “staff” for making these the best two weeks of my life.”

Stephanie Roberts – Trent University

“My experience in Ecuador has been life changing. I have learned so much about myself and other people, all of which was very positive. This experience that VESA has allowed me to have has changed my life and opened my eyes to the difference people can make…”

Alessia Beebe – Southampton

“I have had such a great time in Ecuador helping with construction and exploring the jungle. The two weeks have been packed with so much to do and every part was fun! Thanks!”

Callie Montour – Concordia University

“I am really glad I did the program because it opened my eyes to a whole other culture. I got to see and try things that I’ve never imagined. The staff are very friendly and approachable, I even missed Shona and Jake when we were away on the jungle tour! The construction work was so rewarding and fulfilling. I think this program is a great way to get students interested in travel, humanitarian issues, international studies and foreign culture. You guys do a great job and created a lot of memories for everyone!”