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2019 Ecuador – Northern Hemisphere

We had four amazing teams volunteering in Ecuador from the northern hemisphere in 2019 working on various conservation and construction projects.

A special thank you to Maria Jose, Xavier and Ashley who have been exceptional team leaders for 2019.

Here are some of the highlights.

Sardinas Community

  • Work on building 5 bathrooms and septic tanks to improve sanitation in the village. This involved a lot of hard work digging foundations, working with concrete, tiling and plumbing.
  • Provided english and math lessons for 43 students over 3 difficulty levels from counting through to holding conversations on various topics such as name, age, colour, greetings, numbers.
  • Introduced new types of songs, games, and painting activities.

Jungle Experience

  • Attended ceremonies by local shaman.
  • Learnt about local crafts and cooking techniques such as making bracelets and fresh chocolate.
  • Visited the Amazoonico animal rescue center.
  • Night trek to see nocturnal insects.
  • Night canoe ride to look for nocturnal animals.

You can read about our efforts in more detail here.

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