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2018-2019 South Africa – Southern Hemisphere

We had four amazing teams volunteering in South Africa from the southern hemisphere in 2018-2019 working on various conservation and construction projects.

A special thank you to Damaris, Jacob, Frankie, Andrew, Jillian and Zine who have been a fantastic team to lead our volunteers in the 2018 – 2019 season.

Here are some of the highlights.

Khula Village

  • Worked on several construction projects to build housing for villagers as well as helping to prop up existing houses.
  • Worked on a sustainable garden project for the village.
  • Built garbage disposal facilities.

Emdonini Cheetah Project

  • Provided maintenance for the cat enclosures including removing invasive plant species.
  • Did fire control for the pits.
  • Built a shelter for Keeza the serval so that she can have some privacy.

Crocodile Center

  • Collected the crocodile eggs to bring them to the incubator!
  • Kept clearing the Six Enclosure Project (6EP)
  • Modified the access of the pools at the 6EP
  • Finished digging the drainage system at the 6EP
  • Constructed a new enclosure for juvenile crocodiles

Mama Doris and the Village School

  • The volunteers helped the children with basic maths, English and science
  • Helped to build lesson plans.
  • Had an amazing feast for the Christmas volunteering group and provided some fun gifts for the children.

You can read about our efforts in more detail here.

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