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VESA’s humanitarian and conservation projects aim to provide direct action support to communities in parts of the world overlooked by traditional charities and aid organisations.

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South America 2018


USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Ireland

A massive THANK YOU for joining us in Ecuador this summer. We know it’s not always easy to find the time and raise the funds. Please enjoy reading about your groups’ achievements as this will give a more complete picture of the vast amount of assistance that you have given to the local community through your generosity. And a special thank you to Maria-Jose, Xavier and Katrine who have been a fantastic team to lead our volunteer projects in the 2018 season.

Group 1

Every morning we start our adventure departing from Misahualli by canoe down river during 15min. After this we have to walk through the jungle to arrive our destination (Sardinas Community). We are in the rainforest so one day with group A the small river we cross every day was really high to cross. We had to make a chain and cross all together because the river current was strong. Finally we crossed all together and complete wet of course to keep going to the community. We´ll never forget this event!


First day, new community, a new way to continue with good help, it was very interesting to know the new way to the village, it was fun and a little strange at the same time, we almost missed hahahahaha! But the children of the jungle appeared like angels and they told us which was the right way. The third day we entered and touched a small river, but this time the jungle had a surprise, the river was high and fast, it was a very strange experience because it was scary and fun at the same time, the volunteers were very good, full of good attitude and courage and we all passed safely, the adventure continue because at work every day the weather change a lot , they worked very hard, and we also played soccer in the community that also it was very fun and hard, it was very hot, so we decided to play for drinks, so the losers had to pay for the drinks hahahahaha was simple but very good idea.

Well it’s the first group in the community, so this was done:

  • They dug 4 holes (one is not finished yet, almost done)
  • Volunteers found and loaded stones to the each places
  • They loaded gravel and cement to each of the places
  • Mixed concrete each places we need
  • Volunteers made four floors of the bathrooms
  • Made three bases of the septic tank
  • Loaded sand to the places to build the walls
  • Built the walls of the two septic tanks
  • Made the covers of two septic tanks
  • Loaded bricks to the places

Then we were able to finish two full bathrooms

Sardinas Community



Though it was sad to leave our last students from Tuyano and the families, our first day at the new school had a great start as I was provided notebooks from the volunteers to start teaching at the school from the new community.

Each day we have the chance to work with three different groups

From ages 3 to 5, 6 to 9 and 10 to 12.

We could teach the following:

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Colours
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Numbers 1 to 20

Each topic complaining with activities and songs to make as fun as possible.

KATRINE – Jungle adventure

Let’s start with Group B!

First of all I wish I would have spent a bit more time with you in the jungle☺. I had fun with your group playing spoons and a bunch of different card games. I am lucky I had a bunch of super friendly people in this group. I also loved seeing how curious and interested you all were about the culture. Thanks for everything guys and see you again sometime! I hope you keep some good memories about the jungle, rafting and the time I spent with you☺

Now, what can I say about group A!

Seriously, your group enthusiasm for all the activities made me feel happy and as excited as you all were. I had heaps of fun playing cards, cruising with everyone tubing the river and chatting for ages about the best food in the hammocks. Also, I definitely saw the most intense volleyball competition in the jungle so far with your group. Under the heavy rain, it was fun watching all the players slide in the mud. I keep such a great memory about all of you. Ally, I was so impressed you put the tarantula on your face and I really hope you liked the jungle at least a little bit even though you hated all the insects there haha ☺

Gracias por todos amigos, hasta luego xo

Group 2

What a pleasure to meet wonderful people in this season. Beautiful moments shared during two weeks. We want to thank all of you guys for helping Shirley. Our student was playing with her classmates and accidentally broke her leg. Her mom immediately took her to the hospital but there weren't the materials she needed for the surgery. The volunteers go together a collection and raised $215 the money to help out. Her family were very grateful. We all wish Shirley a quick recovery and we can't wait to see her again in our English classes. ♥


Second group and the community begins to know the Vesa volunteers, begins to understand very well how is the help and the program, the houses are far away and the rain does not help much, but our volunteers as warriors begin their work day, we continue the same rhythm as if we had good weather. They had a lot of fun with the mud when digging the hole and also see in the afternoon the children helping and having fun.

The walks were harder because everything was very muddy, but they did as if were local people,

i n the waterfalls it was very fun to jump in natural pool all we played and skipped. also the first day of the tour of the jungle would bring rain, and it was a combination of freshness and fatigue, but the fun was the walk because everything was very slippery, when we came down the one was the support of the other, and we were all shouting hahahahaha!

  • they dug a new hole
  • Finished off the previous hole that was in the middle
  • loaded gravel and sand to the two previous places
  • They also loaded sand to the three places
  • They also took block to the three places
  • They made the base of a septic tank
  • They made the walls of a septic tank
  • loaded stones for the bathroom floor
  • They made the floor of the new bathroom
  • They made the walls of three bathrooms in just five days.

it was possible to finish one bathroom completely, and the walls of three bathrooms were made and it is ready to finish the other two that only need to do the base of the septic tank, the walls of the septic tank and the lid of the tank and it will be ready !, it was impossible to finish this because of the rains, the holes filled up a lot with water. Great group! Very good work.

Sardinas Community



There were great days and we could advance with our teaching very well. (10-12 years old) In this week we concentrate a lot with numbers in English. We know it’s not easy to learn. Students putted all the energy and heart to learn. We implement many ways to teach: like cards, classrooms works, bingo, etc.

7 – 9 years

  • What is your name?
  • what is your favourite colour?
  • how old are you?

4 – 6 years

  • Colours – rainbow song,
  • puzzles to learn numbers from 1 to 10
  • animals. + songs.

We interacted with the younger kids with songs, games and crafts.

KATRINE – Jungle adventure

Thank you guys so much for everything! There was such a good and positive vibe in your group and I enjoyed spending 2 weeks with all of you getting to know you. 

I think you all enjoyed rafting as much as I did. Again, you showed your good team work tying up 2 boats, paddling FORWAAARD together to get one of the guides back on the boat. Funny moment.
.. And then we had the worm competition… Dylan killed it eating 5 of them (gross haha)!!! 
I loved watching you all learning salsa with the best teacher in town, hopefully you can bring some dancing skills back home! 
Again, thanks for the fun times walking in the jungle, having mud fights, relaxing while tubing, having a karaoke night, playing card games or all hanging out together at the juice place! 
I will definitely have a good memory remembering your group ☺

Group 3

Our team leaders were very happy to meet such great people. Thank you very much guys for your help during these two weeks at Sardinas community.


Great work, the group was extraordinary, as they understood and felt the program was great, always happy and willing to help. One day working normally in the community, they informed us that people were protesting and the bridge was blocked and the vehicles could not go to the other side – then not lunch, not water, we asked the volunteers if they had water and if they had their bottles with water, we decided to work a single day, and walk back to the point where the canoes pick us up.

The volunteers were great and understood very well and they did it with all the good attitude was hard but we did it very well, also playing soccer was very fun, also working with volunteers who know Spanish, and who want to improve their Spanish is great because we feel that we help volunteers a lot with their language. Thank you very much everyone.

Three toilet blocks were completed and presented to the families

  • Dug three large holes.
  • Loaded gravel and sand for the four sites.
  • Volunteers made the walls in three septic tank.
  • Loaded bricks to the different places that need.
  • Made the floor for the three new worksites.
  • Constructed the walls of the two bathrooms.

With this group the weather was better, so we were able to continue progressing the previous projects that had flooded.

Sardinas Community



All you were amazing with the kids at school. They improved their English much better thanks to you, which is going to help a lot for their future.

Our teaching was mixed with games and songs to make for fun our classes. We focus a lot with the numbers, also children can answer and to ask very well in English the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • What day is it today?

With the little kids (4 to 5 years old) we shared good moments playing and colouring their faces. It was very pretty! 🙂

KATRINE – Jungle adventure

Thank you so much to everyone for the fun in the jungle.

The volunteers tried to learn how to climb trees using the vines in the jungle and we painted our faces with achiote and made headbands from plants.

I hope you enjoyed this peaceful place as much as I do. Maybe see you again somewhere around the world. Keep exploring and enjoying life 🙂

Group 4


The program cannot be better with these volunteers so dedicated to help and with such good energy, being part of this family is the best. It was great to go to the waterfalls – we all jumped in the natural pool, the salsa lessons were also fun, we sweated As much as when we worked hahahahaha. Digging the hole was as hard as fun we danced around the hole and giving much encouragement to the team that had the turn to dig. The tubing in the jungle was good too, when they wanted to stand on the tube it was so difficult but they succeeded. 

Group four did:

  • loaded gravel to three places that we needed to make the base of the septic tank and the floors of the bathrooms
  • drew water of two septic tanks
  • filled the sides between the walls of the septic tank with dirt,
  • circulated (mixed?) sand for plastering the walls of the bathrooms and making the walls,
  • loaded block to the places they needed.


A great group, many nice memories and good friends. Thank you very much for your help at the community, working always with positivism and energy at construction and education. You guys were amazing helping me at the school with the kids : )

We organized for children different activities to work with them like teaching, lots of games, colouring, etc. We spent a nice week and I was happy to have a big group of students from many ages working with us because the kids are on vacations at the moment.

They were so happy last day at the farewell party for receiving all the gifts from you guys.

KATRINE – Jungle adventure

Thank you guys for being so much fun! I had the best time with your group. I loved seeing that everyone got along so well. If ever you guys end up in Quebec and I’m back over there, you all definitely have a place to stay. See you somewhere around the globe! Cheers for being awesome! Kat 🙂

Group 5

Continuing with our work of helping the communities, the children are always excited to meet the new volunteers, and they always wait for us on our way in the mornings. Also to hear that they already know many words in English and they greet with the volunteers - so rewarding. The morning walk to the community is so beautiful that we all want to do it, it’s so beautiful that I almost always fall and try the mud hahahahahaha!


  • loaded a lot of gravel to the sites
  • sifted sand and loaded the three sites and they were a bit far
  • they moved blocks to the sites to make the walls
  • mixed concrete to make the base of the septic tank sand the floors of the bathrooms
  • made the walls in the two septic tanks and the walls of the bathrooms
  • filled the sides of the two septic tanks
  • made three covers of the septic tanks
  • dug a hole

Painting.- Three toilets were painted and presented to the families. They were very happy.

Sardinas Community



I would like to say that It was a great season, I really enjoyed it to be with children at school and be able to help them teaching English. They were so happy and told me it’s more easy to learn when they have great teachers : ) So proud our students from 7th grade learnt the topics the needed to continue secondary school :)


We got a good group of children that were waiting for us every morning and also we had the chance to work with some teenagers from 12 to 14 years old because all students were on school holidays at the moment. This focused a lot on three students from the school because next scholar year they start the secondary school. We taught all the topics they need to know to enter the school.

Also we took the opportunity to play games, to sing English songs and make some activities with the little kids (3 to 5 years old), we got a wonderful time. : )

KATRINE – Jungle adventure

Thanks to everyone for coming on this program. I had a fun and relaxing time with you tubing in the jungle, watching movies after work and playing cards. I hope you enjoyed it a lot even with all the walking we did. Good job for the work you did! Ciao, Kat 🙂