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VESA’s humanitarian and conservation projects aim to provide direct action support to communities in parts of the world overlooked by traditional charities and aid organisations.

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South America 2017/2018


A massive THANK YOU for joining us in Ecuador this summer and a special thank you to Maria-Jose, Katrine and Xavier who have been a fantastic team to lead our volunteers for 2017 and 2018.

You may enjoy reading about not only your own group’s achievements but those who came before and after. This will give a complete picture of the vast amount of assistance we can give to the local community with your help!

The work will recommence in May this year when our first group of volunteers from the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada arrive to continue with these vital projects.

Group 1

Tuyano Village


On the first day, we picked up the group at the airport. Everyone was happy to be there, but very tired. Excited to leave the airport, the group hopped on the bus to go to Misahualli. We counted everyone to make sure no one was missing. There was 37 people instead of 36…… we counted again and there was still one more person on the bus. We were trying to find the “outsider” and that’s when we realized there was an old Ecuadorian guy on the bus. He looked very, very confused. He thought this bus was going in the city. Barb explained him we were going to Misahualli. No, no, no, that’s not where he wanted to go. He then ran to get off the bus still looking confused. It was a funny moment.

Thanks to all for the fun mud fights, the multiple attempts trying to learn salsa and the laughs we had together! I had such a great time in the jungle with all of you and I look forward to go on adventures in Australia and New Zealand with you! Much love, Kat!


Every day with the group were very good, the volunteers had an attitude and an amazing resolution they all wanted to fulfil their mission, also in the activity of the waterfalls back on the road a poisonous snake on the side of the road and we all passed safely and happy to see a snake.

  • Dug three holes and the holes was difficult because there where rocks
  • Made the walls in three septic tanks
  • Extracted gravel from other place far away
  • Made the bathroom floor in four places
  • Mixed concrete and made four septic tank covers
  • Four structures for the bathroom (walls of the bathroom)
  • Five fully finished bathrooms that were in the middle of the previous group
  • Extracted sand from the Misahualli river
  • Carry gravel sand and rock´s from the new place that the next group need dug the hole and is in the mountain.

Load all the material to the construction sites was very hard.

Tuyano Community – Escuela Fiscomisional


It was a great group to start this season in Ecuador and the strongest people I’ve ever meet.

Everybody could enjoyed each part of the program: construction, education and jungle trek.

Last day at the farewell party was full of fun and they really felt how grateful the community was with the volunteers. Delicious food and the kids dancing with the traditional clothes, they looked beautiful.

Children were so happy and they told me: “María the presents that volunteers bring us are going to be our Christmas for this year” ☺

Last season we teach many topics to the students. It’s been almost 4 months to wait this season, so we started to have a review again of everything they learnt last season. I’m very proud of these children. All they are smart. So happy they don’t forget what we taught last season.

Extra topics volunteers teach were:

How to say in English the fruits and they learnt the parts of the house.

We added to their list of English questions: What is your favourite fruit?, What is your favourite animal? What animal is green/ brown/ white, etc?

And of course our classes were together with songs and games.

Group 2

Tuyano Village


In the jungle, everyone enjoyed finding a scorpion, a huge pregnant grass hopper, a tarantula and a bunch of different insects. (Everyone single person put the tarantula on their face… good job guys! And a special mention to Hayley who even put it on her tongue.) As one of the volunteer (Matt) said when he found a scorpion in his room; WOW! THIS IS SUCH AN ADVENTURE!!!!

Thanks all for being excited about all the activities, learning about the plants, the culture and trying to learn español.

A few volunteers told mentioned that they missed the jungle when the group returned to Misahualli.


Well the adventure continue with this group and the weather was difficult because change really quick rain and sun but was really fun and the kids always is with us after lunch and the last day when we finished work we play football and the climate change again and rain but the volunteers want to continue play in muddy!! That was really fun.

And in the jungle trip we enjoy a lot because see everyone how enjoy the volunteers when find some insects and say “this is the jungle adventure” and everyone enjoy everything’s was good!

  • Dug two holes and was difficult because we find rocks and water in this places
  • Made the walls in three septic tanks
  • Carry gravel to the news places
  • Made the bathroom floor in three places
  • Mixed concrete and made one septic tank cover
  • Three structures for the bathroom (walls of the bathroom)
  • Two fully finished bathrooms that were in the middle of the previous group
  • Extracted sand from Misahualli river
  • Carry building blocks to the two news places

Load all the material to the construction like cement and gravel and sand for the new two places


Tuyano Community – Escuela Fiscomisional


The most funny and energetic group I ever met.

The mixt of the activities like construction, education, jungle treck, rafting and afternoon activities made the program perfect.

Thank you for being great teachers at school and get extra energy to play all the games with them. ☺

Always positive even the hard rain we got some days.

  • EDUCATION: Our main topic to teach were:
  • ‘’the weather’’+ song + question.
  • Subtractions, additions with big numbers (millions)
  • Each student had the chance to go at the front and participated with the volunteers to interact with some questions and vocabulary
  • Also we learn new games that the volunteers taught to us.

Sandy is the oldest student we have at the classroom, she finished primary school one year ago. She’s not studying any more, at the moment she take care her baby sister but this is not an impediment and she is coming every day to our English classes because she says she loves English.

Group 3

Tuyano Village


Fun group, fun people. Everything went well. We had so much rain on the first day of work, but everyone kept working very hard, encouraging each other. As it was the last group in this community, we had a bigger farewell party in the village and everyone enjoyed it a lot. We danced with the kids for a long time, played some games, it was a great time.

Thanks to every volunteer for raising money for Sandy who will now be able to go to high school next scholar year. She really appreciated it and is excited to go to high school now.

Thanks to all of you for the great time I had! Much love.


The day of the activity of the waterfall everything was normal but when we returned we went to show them the natural pool where you can play with the rope hang and swing and launch me first to swim, then I went to the other side and I tried to climb the stone, surprise, surprise , a very nice snake see me face to face the size more or less is 1.50 mtr.

But was not poisonous but it was scary hahahahahaha so nobody wanted to swim then Elliot jump and swim and asked for a waterproof camera and record it, also in the jungle was interesting to see how make the guides the traps for the birds.

  • Extracted gravel from the other place in the way many times.
  • Dug two holes (the last two in this community) and was difficult two
  • Extracted sand from the Misahualli river many times
  • Mixed concrete and made the base in the septic tank in two places
  • Made the walls in three septic tanks
  • Mixed concrete and made two septic tanks covers
  • Carry gravel and sand to the new holes and the last two because we need more for continue progress
  • One structure for the bathroom
  • One fully finished bathroom that was were in the middle of the previous group.

The community was completely finished and the workers say me that take 4 more days, so in community of Tuyano 47 bathrooms were built.


Tuyano Community – Escuela Fiscomisional


To say good bye is always sad. Especially when you spend lot of time in this place.

Everybody were so nice with us. The families always giving some fruits when the volunteers where digging. The president of the community (Marcelino) who always were worried and responsible to make sure all the Farewell parties were perfect. And of course, the beautiful children at school with I spent all the mornings.

We had the opportunity to work for three seasons helping children to learn English and making the toilets for the families.

With the third group in this season we collected some money for one girl (Sandy). She is very smart but due to lack of economic resources she is not studying any more, volunteers saw in Sandy how interested she was to learn. She never missed any English class.

Margarita is going to be in charge to give the money when the next scholar year starts and of course I will be sending photos of Sandy to this beautiful group that made possible that Sandy keep studying!

Thank you so much for all your help ☺☺☺

It was a good coincidence last day at the school because was the whole week just for exams, so I took the opportunity for the last day to make an English test. I can say all children were very good. Elliot was filming that very important moment. Volunteers could see all the knowledge they got during our time at the community.

I provided to the Teacher of the School (Rafael) a folder with all the information about our classes and the English notebook were given to the students.

Teacher Rafael was so happy and grateful. He stayed with us last day at the farewell partyto participate with us and enjoy a nice afternoon with the volunteers and the people at the community.

Thank you so much to contributing to a great season of work. You can check out our other countries here. All past VESA volunteers will receive a discount on future programs so why don’t you join us in Laos, Fiji or Africa next summer and continue the dream.